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Baler Twine

Baler twine is made out of 100% Polypropylene material. Baler twine is used to bind various bales like ‘small square, large square & large round bales’. Baler twine is produced according to the properties of baler machines. Increased elongation percentage enables bales to get pressed and not scatter during storage.


  • Higher Breaking strength.
  • High runnage.
  • Knots easily & tightly.
  • Soft & Smooth.
  • Durable for hard weather conditions like rain, sun & etc (UV stabilized material).
  • Light in weight.
  • Highly consistence performance.

Area of use:

  • Hay bailing & Straw bailing.
  • Crop packaging.
  • Sugarcane scraps bailing.
  • Scrap paper bailing.
  • Corrugated Box bundling.

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