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Baler Twine

Baler twine is mostly used in farming for binding straw bales & hay bales. And can be used for many ropes like applications too…

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Reaper Binder Twine

Reaper twine is used in Reaper Binder machine as it works smoothly with properties like high breaking strength & low elongation.

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PP String

Excel twine tech manufacturing P.P String (sutli) by using virgin materials with standard machining process.

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Industrial & General Purpose Twine

Industrial twine mostly used in packing, bailing, securing, and pulling materials.

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Tomato Twine

Tomato twine made specially for tomato supports works, great for trellising or tying tomatoes.

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Greenhouse Twine

Greenhouse twine are generally used for trellising purpose in Greenhouses.

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